Ian Barrett's Pirelli hopes drain away

Delphi backed Ian Barrett (Clayton West, Huddersfield) and co-driver Simon Ashton (Sheffield) endured one of rallying's lows at the weekend when they retired on just the third stage of the two-day Pirelli International Rally.

The event started well for the Vauxhall Corsa crew, holding a fine second in class and fortieth overall following the opening spectator stages around Carlisle Airport.

However eleven miles into the Kershope Forest stage, the oil pressure light flicked on and the engine promptly seized - a hole in the sump punched through the guard by the rough and rocky road surface having drained the oil.

Ian and Simon will return to the British Rally Championship with a new engine in five weeks time on the Scottish Rally.

Meanwhile at the front of the field, chaos reigned as most of the favourites retired allowing the Mitsubishi mounted privateer Markko Ipatti through to claim the victory and Championship lead.

Sunday 7th May 2000