Double Trouble for Ian Barrett

Delphi backed nineteen year old Ian Barrett (Clayton West, Huddersfield) and co-driver Simon Ashton (Sheffield) struck double trouble on the first stage of last weekends Kumho Scottish International Rally to retire from their second event on the trot.

The team had put in weeks of hard work after engine failure forced them out of the last round of the British Rally Championship, but seven miles into the first special stage of the Scottish event, a driveshaft snapped leaving the crew motionless. Nine agonising minutes passed as the shaft was changed in the stage-side mud and the pair were on the way again only for the head gasket of the brand new engine to fail at the stage finish.

"After all the hard work the team put in I was completely gutted" commented the youngster. The team knuckled under once more and changed the offending item in service allowing Ian and Simon to complete the second day of the event in amongst the Scottish National Championship Clubmen. The pairing treaded carefully through the opening stage as the engine temperature rose again but it soon settled out. The team completed the remainder of the event without problems and with nothing at stake treat it as a testing exercise. "The pacenotes seemed to come together better and I was able to attack more as the day wore on. Effectively it was only the second event I've done on pacenotes so I was just pleased to get the mileage in - all thanks to the sterling work the service crew put in."

Ian and Simon are competing again this coming weekend on a night rally in preparation for the Jim Clark Memorial Rally at the end of the month. The event is a 37 hour spectacular over closed public roads run through the night once more in the Scottish Borders.

Monday 12th June 2000