STEERING COLUMN - December 1999


I don't know how many of you braved the final RAC to witness the day of spectator stages or the Sunday start (it's all change for 2000) but one thing that struck me, in keeping with the ANCC's stand on excessive sound, was how quiet the current crop of World Rally Cars are. The old Escort WRC (and rich Clubman's favorite - Group 'N' Mitsubishi Evo's) were the noisiest on the event - the fact that they are also very popular in Clubman/National Rallying makes you wonder how difficult a job the ANCC may encounter - or how soon the competitors will dig into their pockets to solve it…!

Finally, just a quick note (in keeping with your contributions!) to wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful New Millenium!


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Simon Ashton.


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