DH competed on the Dalby Gravel Sprint and managed to get into the top ten run-off (more by numerous defaults than speed!). Unfortunately the organisers dropped one when they gave him a flyer but I don't think he was complaining - most people seemed to bottle out of the run off as it went dark(!) - but not our DH who was going all out on the "value for money" front. You can read his own account later (!).

Although not a member of our Club, plenty of people have asked so I'll include David Pattrick's Network Q Rally GB anyway! I knew at the start of our BTRDA campaign that David's brother, Richard, wanted to do the RAC (sorry but it's simpler this way - and that's what it was called on the official "Rally Radio"!) but with five weeks to go I got a call - was I interested. I was, but unfortunately after a quick two week search I couldn't raise the funds.

Four days before the recce started I received the roadbooks (David asked me to mark up two sets of maps) as he had risen to forth reserve (he was 16th initially) - the first five reserves are allowed to recce. The maps were completed the day before the recce and as David set off to South Wales he was up to second reserve and guaranteed a run. The Team Taylor pairing lead the class after the first two stages but I think memories of a year ago came to mind (retirement with 2 1/2 stages to go!) and their pace slowed a little. Never-the-less, they reached the finish forth in class and 75th overall out of 160 starters/90 finishers, and the car showed signs of an argument with the scenery - never did that with me in the car!

Simon Ashton