Hello and welcome to my webpage.

I'll make no excuses for the majority of the content of this page which will hopefully tell you enough about me so that you ask me to co-drive for you on rallies!

I first took to rallying in 1974 (at the age of 5!) when the RAC Rally came through my local forest (more recently known as Rainbow Hill on the Dukeries Rally). But it wasn't until the age of 22 that I started competing in the drivers' seat. Having got off to a decent start by winning my second ever event outright, two years later I decided there were better drivers around than me so I aimed my talents at co-driving and navigating.

In 1997 I took second overall in the ANCC Stage Rally Championship and first overall in the multi-venue section. I followed this up in 1998 by winning the Phoenix Awards ANEMMC Championship. From 1999 I contested seven successive BTRDA Series assaults and also added the 2000 British Rally Championship to my experiences.

In 2003 I co-drove for Chris Wood during his debut season in the BTRDA series. The Woodfield Garage, 270bhp 'kit' engined ex-Opel Russia 'Gaz Prom' Astra, was an amazing experience!

2004 saw me finally winning my class outright in the BTRDA series with David Pattrick in the Taylor of Boston Peugeot 106GTi, with who I contested six of my seven  BTRDA Championships. I was also voted "Top UK Co-driver of 2004/5" in a internet poll vote on rallycodriver.co.uk and also gained a place on their "Top Co-Drivers" feature.

In 2005 I managed to achieve the "Triple Crown", BTRDA English 1600 Class Champion, BTRDA Class N3 Champion (in a 1600cc car) and BTRDA Super 1600 Champion!

In 2006 my regular Championship assaults were put on hold while to moved to Sweden. I returned home for a few of my favourite events and stepped in at the last minute to partner Dave Hemingway on the Roger Albert Clark Rally - we took third overall in the open section of this excellent blast from the past! I returned for a second attempt in 2007 and we claimed fourth overall following a character building rally after enduring a couple of punctures and a very poorly gearbox.

For 2008 I gained my Swedish Competition License to match my British one and made my debut on the South Swedish Rally, which was also my 150th rally, and I co-drove Christer Stark to 4th in class in the ultra-competitive Smlands DM VOC class.
The year was topped off in fine style by taking overall victory on the Roger Albert Clark Open Rally with Dave Hemingway which we repeated again on the very snowy 2010 event.

Simon still mixes his rallying between British and Swedish events, translating organiser-supplied route notes on-the-fly into "Swenglish" when competing in Sweden!

When I am not too busy competing (or trying to learn Swedish), I also enjoy photography. Therefore I aim to gather together a selection of my favourite shots and build a couple of galleries to share them with you. Please bare with me in this area and keep coming back to check for updates whilst I search and digitise my archives.

So if you need a co-driver for an event, please follow the link to the contact page and drop me an email.

Forthcoming Events

3rd June 2011
00 Course car with Emrik Smedberg on the South Swedish Rally

11th June
Dukeries Rally with David Pattrick

18th June
Dackefejden Rally with Emrik Smedberg

23rd July
Opposite Lock Rally with Stuart Wood