Wakefield and District Motor Sports Club.



Club Championship 2006.

The autotest on Wednesday the 19th July had an excellent entry of 17 competitors (if only this could be the norm), the PCT on Sunday 3rd September was not as lucky with only 6 competitors but they all had a great time which made it worth running the event. The Committee are aware of the problems of running on this date due to our commitment to the ANCC championship, this will not be the case next year and the date will be changed.

Results for the two events above are printed later on in the newsletter.


SUNDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 2006.          AUTOTEST              Details from Simon Law.

WEDNESDAY 15th NOVEMBER 2006.  KARTING COMPETITION   Details from Guy Waddington

TUESDAY 26th DECEMBER 2006.         AUTOTEST               Details from Andrew Apperley.


The following is the overall position in the 2006 Championship after 7 events up to 10th position.

Entrant.                                  B/Fwd.            6.                   7.                T/Points.          O/A Pos.

Pud Wood.                                35                  17                  -                    52                    1                             

Steve Carter.                             31                  13                  -                    44                    2

Brian Jaques.                            23                   8                   6                    37                    3                   

Dave Hemingway.                    17                  14                  5                    36                   4   

Stephen Aveyard.                     17                   6                   3                    26                   5

Guy Waddington.                     15                   7                   -                     22                   6

Andrew Apperley.                    16                   -                    -                    16                    7 

Bob Yeomans.                           9                   5                    -                    14                    8

Nigel Bramall.                          11                  -                     -                    11                    9 

Mick Yeomans.                         8                   -                     -                     8                     10


The following is the Autotest Challenge 2006 after 3 events up to 5th position.

Entrant.                                  B/Fwd.          6.                 T/Points.                O/A Pos.

Pud Wood.                                19                17                   36                            1 

Steve Carter.                             16                13                   29                            2

Brian Jaques.                            12                  8                   20                            3

Stephen Aveyard.                     10                  6                   16                            4=

Andrew Apperley.                    16                  -                    16                           4=


The following is the PCT Challenge after three events and the final position for 2006 up to 5th position.

Entrant.                                 B/Fwd.         7.                   T/Points.               O/A Pos.

Dave Hemingway.                    17                5                       22                          1

Brian Jaques.                            11                6                       17                           2 

Pud Wood.                                13                -                       13                           3

Steve Carter.                            12                 -                       12                           4

Stephen Aveyard.                      7                4                       11                           5=  

Nigel Bramall.                          11               -                        11                          5=


6. Autotest 19th July.                      7. PCT 3rd September.


MSA Information.

MSA Rallies Committee outlines progress on revised K37 regulations.


The MSA’s Rallies committee met to discuss the Stage Rallies Technical Working Group’s proposed

rule change to K37 – the technical regulations for special stage rally cars.


The review and subsequent introduction of revised regulations will align the UK more closely with the

world governing body’s regulations and will help to prevent the potential exposure of the sport in an

increasingly litigious age.

The Committee has established the key principals to allow detailed workings to be complete in time for

presentation to Motor Sports Council in September. After this, the proposed changes will be put out to

consultation, enabling further modification if necessary before the new rules are ratified by council in 2007.

The new rules will not come into effect for new build cars before 1st January 2009. all existing vehicles remain

eligible until 1st January2010 and this will be further reviewed during 2007/8. However, those vehicles defined

in sections (d) and (e) below will become ineligible from 1st January 2010.



a)   Eligibility:   

i)                     Cars that are currently or have been homologated in groups A (including WRC) or N or corresponding earlier groups

ii)                   Series Production Cars

iii)                  Low volume specialist production cars

b)   Minimum weights requirements on all vehicles to be defined

c)   Revised wheel and tyre diameters and widths to be defined

d)   One off or very low volume cars not permitted 

e)   Space frame ‘clones’ not permitted



a)    Motorcycle engines not permitted

b)    Series Production Engines maximum capacities to be permitted are:-


      i)   2.0 ltr turbo

      ii)  2.5 ltr non turbo 4 valve / cylinder, max. 6 cylinders

      iii) 3.0 ltr non turbo 2 valve / cylinder, max. 6 cylinders (including Metro 6R4s to current MSA specifications) 


     iv)  2.5 ltr turbo or non turbo

Categories ii) to iv) align with current FIA Art:255

c)    Type of induction original to the vehicle to be maintained

d)    Maximum engine capacity increase to be +25% of the largest option for that model

e)    Specialist engines i.e. Millington / Hart / Wilcox / QED / Cosworth etc, to be limited to four cylinders 2.5 litre, normally aspirated, with restrictor 

f)    Power output to be limited to approximately 300 HP

g)   Only fuel as set down in Section P of the MSA Competitors Yearbook permitted


Drive trains

Allow conversion from Front Wheel Drive to Rear Wheel Drive and / or Four Wheel Drive within the vehicle structure modifications applied by the FIA for Rallycross, WRC and Super 2000 cars detailed in FIA Art: 279 3 2 2 and Drawings 279 –1&2.


We have had very productive discussions in recent weeks, says John Richardson, Chairman of the Rallies Committee. While there is a lot of work still to complete, we have established the principles that we think will form the basis of the new regulations. We are moving much closer to the FIA’s regulations in many areas, which has to be beneficial for rallying in the UK.

The Stage Rally Technical Working Group and the MSA Rallies Committee believe that this review is timely and will lay the foundations for the future of special stage rallying for the next decade and beyond, in a well regulated, controlled and safe manner. we will take the full proposals to Council in September, after which there will be plenty of time for people to have their input before ratification in 2007      


General Information.

During last month Dave Hemingway ran one of his infamous ‘ Beer Rallies’ which had a very good turn out of nine competitors. A full set of results for this can be found on the club web site at  in the side index click on to results.

While on about the club web site do not forget that you can now get your reports of events and results published on the site by emailing them to

Congratulations to Pud Wood and Ian Emmerson who came first overall on the recent Swinderby Stage Rally.

If any one is offered a cheap Tait 2015 serial number 17220277 radio on MSA 81 MHZ frequency please contact Derek Slater on 01924 256863 this radio was stolen from a Knutsford DMC member in Cheshire earlier in the year.

The forth International Historic Motorsport Show will be held at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry on 23/25 March 2007 for further details click on to



Marshals are required for the following events;

Delacy MC                        Roger Albert Clark Stage Rally (RAC)                17/20 November 2006.

MSA                                  Wales Rally GB                                                    1/3 December 2006.

Trackrod MC                     Rally Yorkshire                                                    7 October 2006.

North Wales CC                Cambrian Stage Rally                                           4 November.

Furness DMC                    Grizedale Stages Rally                                          11 November 2006.

Wallasey MC                    Promenade Stage Rally                                         30 September 2006.

2300 MC                           Tour of Mull                                                         13/15 October 2006.

Eastwood DMC                Harold Palin Memorial Manby Stages                  14 October 2006.

Endurance RO                  Lombard Revival Rally                                         26/29 October 2006.

Dukeries MC                    Premier Stage Rally                                               29 October 2006.

Malton MC                       Forest Stage Rally                                                 5 November 2006.


For all matters to do with marshalling or if you require more up to date information please contact the Club Chief Marshal Sue Rylatt on 01484 866023 (H) or 07779 857707 (M).         




 MSA Information.

MSA Rallies Committee have confirmed that the proposed revision of rule K37 – the technical regulations for special stage rally cars – will not be presented before September. As a result, the earliest date for any regulation changes to come into effect for new cars will be 1st January 2009, a year later than was originally envisaged. All existing vehicles will remain eligible to compete until at least 1st January 2010.

 The definitions of careless, reckless and dangerous driving will be removed from the regulations from 1st January 2007. In their place will come a new clause ‘Driving in a manner incompatible with general safety, or departing from the standard of a reasonably competent driver’. This will remove the current confusion and potentially overlapping offences, while allowing stewards to vary the penalty according to the severity of the infringement. 

With immediate effect the Off Road Committee will be renamed the Cross-Country Committee to bring it in line with current FIA terminology. 

An editor has now been appointed to begin the process of rewriting the Blue Book. The first stage of this will come on line in 2007, with a view to a full revision being completed for the 2008 season.

The MSA has announced plans to conduct random fuel testing on stage rallies and other events from the start of next season. MSA eligibility scrutineers will be appointed to events throughout the country to take random fuel samples from competitors. It is a concerted effort to clamp down on the illegal fuels currently thought to pervade the sport at all levels.

The MSA has written to all MSA Stewards to assist them in the implementation of the existing regulations when insufficient levels of officials or marshals are available at events. If manning levels are considered to be insufficient to run the event safely, notice will be given to the organising club to prevent the event from running if the manning situation cannot be resolved. The MSA Steward will advise the MSA of the decision of the stewards and suspend the permit if manning levels cannot be improved to their satisfaction.

The level of cover on some events is a very real concern, especially for the stewards who have to make that judgment call. What the MSA are saying to them is that, should they feel it necessary to withdraw an event permit due to inadequate level of officials cover, the MSA will back them 100%.    

The MSA is delighted to announce its support for the inaugural National Motorsport Week, an initiative developed with the Motorsport Industry Association, to be held across the country from

12 to 20 August 2006. The MSA will utilise its network of 700 member clubs, 34,000 licence holders and more than 10,000 volunteer officials to open the doors of motorsport at all levels. All affiliated clubs will receive an information pack providing guidance on how to publicise their involvement in National Motorsport Week and how to encourage the public and local media to get behind their activities.

The concept is a simple one –‘take a mate to motorsport’. Introduce a friend who may be interested but who has never participated and let them enjoy the sport we all love. Whether one friend, two or ten, all we ask is that all those who enjoy motorsport should get involved. Increased participation is simply good news for the sport and the industry.    (For more details contact Derek Slater).



Marshals are required for the following events;

Slaithwaite DMC                          Manby Stages                                          22 July 2006.

Ripon MC                                     Road Rally                                               5/6 August 2006.

Sheffield & Hallamshire MC       Stage Rally                                               6 August 2006.

Eastwood MC                               Stage Rally                                              27 August 2006.

Delacy MC                                   Thor Hammer Stage Rally                       17 September 2006.

Delacy MC                                   Roger Albert Clarke Stage Rally (RAC) 17/20 November 2006.

MSA                                            Wales Rally GB                                        1/3 December 2006.

North Humberside MC                Stage Rally                                               20 August 2006.

Ilkley DMC                                 Yorkshire Endurance Road Rally             9/10 September 2006.

 For all matters to do with marshalling or if you require more up to date information please contact the Club Chief Marshal Sue Rylatt on 01484 866023 (H) or 07779 857707 (M).


Events to come and Regulations.

2300 Club                     Tour of Mull                        13/15 October 2006

Loughborough CC        Auto Solo Event                  5 August 2006.

Malton MC                   Forest Stage Rally               5 November 2006.  (New Date).

Eastwood DMC    Cossack road Rally – will not be running in 2006, should be back for 2007.

For all matters and regulations for competitive events contact Club Competitions Secretary

Dave Hemingway on 01302 330285 (H) or 07710 550096 (M).



You may have seen in various places adverse comments with regard to RalliTrak and the job that they are doing out on stages, let me say here and now that Wakefield and District Motor Sports Club are fully supportive of what they are doing and should any club member want to get involved with them the person to contact is there staffing officer Katie Hinchliffe who can be contacted on    (or if you wish talk to Sue Rylatt or Derek Slater).


General Information.

This email has been received if any one wants to take them up on it please feel free to contact them;

Dear Sir, We are busy putting together some coffee table books of all types of cars and collectors. We were enquiring to see if anyone in your club would be interested in featuring in one of our books.

Sean Foster, Hadenbrook Photography Limited.     


Congratulations to Simon Ashton for being top UK co-driver for 2004 / 2005 in Rally Co-Driver Magazine


This email has been received from Simon Ashton, and the club committee would like members opinion as to if it is something that we could make work, bearing in mind it would be you who would need to feed most of the information to Simon,

‘ Just a couple of thoughts for the club web page, I have taken on the task of looking after the rally section web page for the local motor club here in Sweden so long as I am sent the information ready to publish. You can look at then click on rally-actuellt on the left side.

What they are very good at is being very quick with results etc, so the first page is a news page and is usually updated the day of the event or at latest the day after.

Could members supply me with this type of information, maybe before to say what event they are doing (then I can check the results online myself ), then send me a very short report (and or results after for the few events where they are not available online, eg some single venues). We could include more details of the Club Championship rounds too.’


Members the committee awaits to hear from you.


A reminder of the membership incentive, the idea behind this is to get more people to become members of the club, the mechanics of it are, for current members to introduce three new members in 2006 who pay the membership fee and the member introducing would get free membership in 2007.


Club Championship 2006.

The treasure hunt on the 24th May had to be cancelled for various reasons and it was decided by the committee that we would not run any more events on the road in this years championship, we seem to be having difficulties in getting organisers for them and when we do get an organiser very few people want to compete in them.

As this would make the navigators championship non runable it was decided on this occasion we would give the navigators the same points in the overall championship as the drivers on the one event that has run on the road.

We will look at the situation again for next year.

To compensate for the two lost events we will look at running another autotest on a Sunday in late September or early October.

Results for the two latest events to run are printed later on in the newsletter.


WEDNESDAY 19th JULY 2006.               AUTOTEST.





The following is the overall position in the 2006 Championship after five events up to 10th position.

Entrant.                                   1          2          3          4          5          TP          OAP

Pud Wood                                3          13        8          11        -            35            1

Steve Carter                             3          12        7          9          -            31            2

Brian Jaques                            -           5          4          8          6           23             3

Dave Hemingway                    -           9           -          -          8           17            4=

Stephen Aveyard                     -          -            5          5          7           17            4=

Andrew Apperley                    -          -            6          10        -            16            6                                

Guy Waddington                     1          6           2          6          -            15            7

Nigel Bramall                          -           11         -           -          -            11            8

Bob Yeomans                          -           8           -           1         -             9             9

Mick Yeomans                        1           -           -           2         5            8             10


The following is the Autotest Challenge 2006 after two events up to 5th position.

Entrant.                                  3          4          TP          OAP

Pud Wood                               8          11         19            1

Steve Carter                            7           9          16            2=

Andrew Apperley                   6          10         16            2=

Brian Jaques                           4           8          12            4

Stephen Aveyard                    5           5          10            5


The following is the PCT Challenge 2006 after two events up to 5th position.

Entrant.                                 2          5          TP          OAP

Dave Hemingway                   9         8           17            1

Pud Wood                              13        -            13            2

Steve Carter                           12        -            12            3

Brian Jaques                           5         6            11           4=

Nigel Bramall                        11        -             11           4=


1  Navigational scatter 29 March.                             5  PCT 8 July.

2  PCT 23 April.                                                        6  Total Points.

3  Autotest 6 May.                                                     7  Overall Position.

4  Autotest 14 June.                                    



If any member has anything that they feel that other members may be interested in, the newsletter is there for you to use, just email or post the information to Derek Slater, 85 Howard Crescent, Durkar, Wakefield. WF4 3AN.