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21st November 2009

Errol Bairstow recruited Matt Wood to read the maps on the Premier Rally in Sherwood forest and the pairing claimed a fine 9th overall in their Mitsubishi Lancer.


18th November 2009

Another evening club visit, this time to Rally Raid just as they were finishing preparations for the Dakar.


13th to 16th November 2009

Plans to go for a second victory on the Roger Albert Clark Open Rally hit problems on the second evening for Dave Hemingway and Simon Ashton.

They had a spot of luck on the first evening after the main relay failed enroute to the second stage in Langdale. A frantic search trying to find the problem followed but was traced in the darkness but the heat from the scorching relay! They dropped 30 seconds in Langdale after thinking they had picked up an early puncture which put them on the back foot straight away.

Day two went without a hitch until they were about to enter the first of four Kielder stages when a screech materialised from the engine bay. Unfortunately the cam belt cover had broken its' mountings and fell onto a pulley wearing it away. Fearing a cambelt failure and expensive rebuild they pulled out until spares could be sourced. A frantic search in service proved fruitless but luckily a post on the BritishRally Forum brought two replacements on Sunday morning, Roy Johanson was first there so his was used, a second offer came from Ivor of Gretna - huge thanks from the team to both for your help.

Days three and four went relatively smoothly but with one hour in penalties after missing six stages a result was out of the window. Final placing 8th overall, 1 hour and 38 seconds behind the winner!



22nd October 2009

Christer Stark, with W&DMSC's Simon Ashton calling the route notes needed to beat Robert Norss on the Marknadsnatta Rally to claim the Smalands District Championship class title however things didn't quite go to plan. Despite having the speed all season long for some reason things just didn't gel and a few moments were encountered along the way to a disappointing 6th in class and 67th overall. Christer will move up to being a 'B' driver next season after this years results so things will only get tougher from now on for the Ascona crew!



18th October 2009

The 75 Years Celebrations event.




13th October 2009

An evening visit to the Ginetta factory.


11th October 2009

Wakefield & DMSC had three crews out on the Harold Palin Memorial Rally at Manby.

Stuart Wood and Rob Barrett were best placed after chasing winner Kevin Procter's Impreza hard all day, but the extra power and traction of the WRC car showed over the Astra Kit Car in the afternoon stages as the lead grew to a little over a minute and a half by the end.

Dave Hemingway and Ian Bass claimed their class win and sixth overall after another day long battle, this time with the Corsa of David and Matt Wood.

Chris Wood and Simon Ashton had yet another character building rally. Roger Priestnall gave them the job of shaking down his freshly rebuilt Proton Satria which barely proved to be Pud proof! Clutch problems on the first stage were followed by broken driveshafts on stages two and three. The power steering failed on stage four as well as the radiator fan and the fuel pumps started playing up to to get a piece of the action! Fuel pressure problems persisted for the remainder of the event but they clawed their way back to 5th in class and 28th overall by the end.


28th September 2009

Richard Hepworth & John Harriman took their RDH Plant Maintenance Sierra to 11th overall and second in class on the Trackrod Clubman's Trophy Rally on Saturday. The rally was a supporting event for the final round of the British Rally Championship and took place in the North York Moors Forests. Team-mates Mark Edwards and Marc Hepworth lost 10 minutes in the events second stage in Gale Rigg and never recovered the lost time finishing in 18th overall in their similar Sierra.


Over in Sweden, Simon Ashton claimed his first Swedish class victory partnering Christer Stark in the Opel Ascona. The five stage Ekratten Rally featured the trickiest forest stage in the South of Sweden as well as a tarmac spectator stage around an industrial estate. This victory made up for the disappointment the crew had two weeks ago when the differential failed 3km into the opening stage of the TV-Sngen Rally.


10th August 2009

Stuart and Chris Wood claimed a fine third overall on yesterdays Centenary Stages Rally at the little used Barkston Heath airfield in their Astra despite strong 4WD opposition.

27th July 2009

2009 Charity bike ride, a view from a member of the support crew

A few weeks prior to the event I’d been asked by Chris (Pud) Wood and Simon Law if I’d consider doing chase car duties for the charity bike ride. The Wednesday before I got the rally timetable from Simon Law.

On the Sunday morning I arrived at Mansfield Civic Centre at 7.30 and folded the back seats down so my car could act as a van. Ian Barrett arrived next and just managed to get his Renault van under the height restriction to the car park. Guy Waddington wasn't too long after that and then we had a wait. Simon Law arrived about 10 to 8. There was then a bit of a discussion and a phone call made to Dave Hemingway's mobile. He wasn't far away but wouldn't be doing the ride but Pud was so there'd be four "competitors".

DH's Transit wouldn’t fit under the "limbo bar" at the entrance to the car park so I took my car round the back of the van, transferred Ian, Guy and Simon's stuff into the back. Parked my car up and joined DH and Steve Carter in the transit.

The run through Mansfield to Portland went to schedule. The chase crew then visited a nearby car boot sale whilst the "competitors" did the stage. Some money was parted with including Steve buying some carrots.......

That made no sense to me whatsoever except he said Guy liked them!

We returned to Portland in good time to see the "competitors" finish. Then after they'd started the road section to Clip North the devious plan unfolded. A branch was found to hang out the back window of the transit and a carrot was hung off it.

We passed the “competitors” in the entry for Sherwood Pines and credit where credit's due Ian was up for the challenge and had a good go at biting the carrot at speed before DH put his foot down to a pace he couldn't match.

The gates had been left open so DH drove the Transit down so we could spectate at Horsebox corner in Sherwood pines stage. When they came into view on the straight Ian and Pud were running ahead of Guy and Simon. When it came to braking for the corner Ian managed to scrub off speed and remain upright and all Pud managed to do was skid, bin the bike and scrub skin off. It would seem being able to Scandi flick a car isn’t a technique that can be carried over to a cycle!

The chase crew then headed for the service halt at Deerdale, except DH decided to see if before then we could meet the "competitors" between the Sherwood Pines and Clipstone South stages. This was how we ended up going down a track despite Steve telling DH that the last time he'd been down there was in an Isuzu Trooper and even in that they'd had to turn round. Eventually DH decided continuing wasn't a good idea. Unfortunately the narrowness of the track and the soft sandy surface proved less than suitable for manoeuvring and the Transit got stuck.

Pushing and bouncing by Steve and myself didn't help much but all those years of watching the Dakar rally proved useful. I asked DH if he'd got a jack. Luckily he had. The plan was jack up the back axle. fill in the hole dug by the spinning wheel and put something down to give traction. Luckily someone had been burning tyres in the wood and I found a section of tread to drop the wheel onto. With DH on throttle and me and Steve pushing it was enough to get the transit moving again and back far enough onto a more tractable surface from where the Transit could be driven out. DH reckoned he'd planned it as a team building exercise….. I can’t speak for Steve but I wasn’t convinced.

The "competitors" finished Clipstone South slightly ahead of schedule and only took half the service time allocated before heading for Blidworth. No servicing was required for any bikes or “competitors” although there was a concern that one of the bikes had picked up a puncture. During lunch the bikes had been left leant against the front of the Transit. Someone thought they could hear air hissing out and assumption was one of the bikes had a puncture. One by one the bikes were moved away from where the hissing could be heard to try and work out which one had the puncture....... Except with all the bikes moved the puncture could still be heard and a screw was spotted in the front passengers side tyre of the Transit.

The “competitors” headed for Blidworth and the chase crew headed for Mansfield in the hope a repair could be made to the tyre. Luckily DH found somewhere, an inner tube was fitted and following an additional stop at KFC for he and Steve to top up we also headed for Blidworth.

We had a long wait at Blidworth. So long that DH became convinced we'd missed the "competitors". Eventually they arrived having lost more than the time gained earlier as the road section between service and Blidworth had avoided the busy A614 but had proved hillier than anticipated.

With everyone back together but now behind schedule the "competitors" headed for the final two stages and DH headed for a pub for a pit stop (surely an Emergency Service point?!) that the “competitors“ didn‘t seem to appreciate when they rode by and saw us with pints in our hands.

With the final two stages completed the final road section into Mansfield should have been easy. Except after a day with occasional showers this was the point where things turned torrential. Given the conditions I for one wouldn't have thought badly towards any of the "competitors" if they'd sought refuge in the Transit but they all stuck to the road book and made it back to Mansfield Civic Centre on two wheels, sodden but all winners in my opinion.

Simon Porter


19th July 2009

We had many crews out in action on yesterdays Opposite Lock Rally at Manby, which ran with its' typical luck with the weather but still managed to run some loose (i.e. mud!).

All pictures Copyright Martin Taylor.

First crew home were Dave Hemingway and Matt Coggins with a fine 4th overall, just one second off third and the class winner!

Andrew Apperley and John Harriman brought their Astra engined Skoda Felicia Kit Car into 12th place on a rare competitive outing for Apperley.

Mark Edwards & Marc Hepworth took their Sierra 4x4 to 43rd place while Richard and Danny Hepworth unfortunately retired the second RDH Plant Maintenance Sierra from 34th place with gearbox failure in stage 5.

Graham and Chris Wood had held 12th place after the fifth stage, however the engine on their Chevette let go in stage 7 spoiling any chance of a good result.

Thank you Martin for the excellent action shots.


12th July 2009

Errol Bairstow, this time partnered by Shaun Wilson, picked up one of his best results to date during a wet Greystoke Stages Rally in the M-Sport test forest claiming a fine 9th overall in his Mitsubishi Evo 6.

4th July 2009

The Classic Vehicle Show took place in Thornes Park yesterday and provided a good showing of vehicles from our club.


28th June 2009

Simon Ashton was back in Sweden competing on the Dackefejden Rally yesterday.

There were 229 entries and Simon, partnering Christer Stark in his Opel Ascona were 204th on the road...

"We caught our minute man on the first stage and lost 10-12 seconds in his dust until we were close enough for him to see us. He did get out of our way quickly though and had a puncture so we caught him pretty quickly. Stage 4 was the longest of the event at 22km and we had spent the day before setting it up so knew parts of it reasonably well. Talking to our 'new' minute man at the stage start, the driver and codriver had swapped seats for the first time, they were doing gravel and pacenotes for the first time and were not going very quickly! They managed to talk the start marshals into giving us a 2 minute gap but we were still badly in their dust after 9 pages of 15 pages of notes. Eventually we got past them (after 2 or 3 attempts thinking they were pulling over when in fact at least once they were just trying to avoid going off..!) and we got to the end of the stage having lost 30 seconds.
In the fifth and final stage we were trying a little too hard to claw back some of the lost time and we had one overshoot and one sideways moment coming into a junction where we parked against a tree. However with Christer's inspired driving we only dropped a couple of seconds on the stage. If we hadn't still got the two minute gap we would have caught our minute man again, this time on just a 9km stage...!
End result... 5th in class, 20 seconds off second and 30 off first. We were gutted, first or second could have been ours if the event had been seeded properly. However Christer is still leading the championship class."


21st June 2009

It has been a busy couple of weeks for Chris Wood as this weekend he contested the Rally of the Midlands with Steve Ritchie reading the maps after they decided not to bother with pacenotes.

Leaving parc ferme late cost them a 10 second penalty after they couldn't work out what the serious vibration was that they had. Later as the tyres warmed up again they realised parking up the car after the first leg on hot tyres had flat spotted them as they cooled! The penalty eventually cost them the won as they finished in second overall, 9 seconds behind the winner.


14th June 2009

Mixed fortunes for our two crews on the Rainworth Skoda Dukeries Rally. Errol Bairstow and Ian Emmerson had a relatively trouble free day along their way to 35th overall and 9th in class on Ian's first pacenote event. A one minute road penalty dropped them from a potential top 30 finish.

Meanwhile Errol leant his 1600 Nova to Chris Wood and Simon Ashton. Their first stage in the car went relatively smoothly despite Chris complaining of no rear brakes and having to use the handbrake on every corner to help it to turn in and they emerged with the class lead. However the familiar ending for the pairing in stage two came when a rod made a bid for freedom through the side of the block of the standard engine.   

31st May 2009

On a day which saw a lot of carnage and many cars parked up after hitting the scenery, Simon Ashton partnered Christer Stark to 3rd in class on the Roja-runden Rally in South Sweden.

The pairing broke a wheel and picked up a puncture on their Opel Ascona 2km from the end of the second stage after clouting a rock on a tightening bend over a crest, but were lucky to get away so lightly and only dropped around ten seconds as 5 cars rolled at the same spot.

They finished 25th overall and now lead their class in the Smålands DM regional championship.


Robin Hood Bike Stages

19th July 2009

Annual Denis Parkinson Memorial

Sponsored Cycle Ride.

Robin Hood Forest Stages On A Bike!

In aid of Wakefield Hospice

and The Motorsport Safety Fund

For Further Info See Guy Waddington

or call 07798 566616

Please note all riders must be registered to take part by 15/07/09



10th May 2009

Errol Bairstow and Arthur Heaton enjoyed another top 20 placing on the weekends Tour of Hamsterley in their Evo 6. After a cautious start in the slippery conditions they upped their pace collecting a top ten stage time on their way the 13th overall.


10th May 2009

W&DMSC's Simon Ashton started his Swedish rally season in fine style on Saturday taking second in class alongside Christer Stark on the Skilling 500 Rally.

Christer's new Opel Ascona ran reliably throughout the event and despite catching their minute man on the first 7km stage, a couple of overshoots and a failing intercom over the last two stages, they finished just 7.5 seconds behind the class winner in 27th overall.

Christer shaking down his new Ascona last weekend.


3rd May 2009

Results for last weekends Car Trial are now showing in the Club Championship, Results section.

The following photographs are courtesy of Simon Porter.


19th April 2009

Regs are now available to download for the first round of this years Club Championship, the car trial on the 26th of April.
Download Regs here

Following last years Charity Bike Ride from Wakefield to Olivers Mount and the earlier cheque presentation to Pennine Rescue for £1000, we have now received a certificate back from Yorkshire Air Ambulance for the £445 donated to their good cause.

30th March 2009

The website has been updated with archives created for the Club Championships and Newsletters in preparation for the forthcoming year, revisions to the contacts etc following the recent AGM and the 2009 Club Championship Calendar has been announced too, so please take a look around.


Our Club fielded three cars on the recent rescheduled Riponian Rally, and a character building event it turned out to be for all concerned...

The first drama occured 200 yards away from the scrutineering venue when the bonnet of Errol Bairstow/Arthur Heaton's Mitsubishi Evo 6 flew up and smashed the screen. Frantic phone calls followed and a replacement fitting was arranged for later in the afternoon. Once the event was underway and following an early moment in Wass, Arthur soon despatched the route notes over his shoulder and reverted to reading the maps (remember them?!) to Errol for the remaining stages and they settled down to finish 19th overall.

Chris Wood and Simon Ashton's event faired rather less well with engine failure just two miles into the first stage. A faulty ECU or wiring loom now looks to be the cause of the repeating and expensive series of failures all happening on the same cylinder on the Astra...

Dave Hemingway recently commented on the RAC Rally forum that he would loan out some of his luck as he seemed to have plenty to spare enroute to winning last years RAC Open Rally... Well it ran out in Roppa! With Matt Coggins reading the maps, Dave decided to attempted the bridge a bit quicker the second time around but managed to hit it, arriving at the next corner he discovered the bridge had punctured a rear tyre but it was too late, he dropped the back end into the ditch a promptly rolled landing back on his wheels and carrying on. Despite the puncture and vertical spin, they only dropped around 30 seconds in the stage but after changing the flat at the stage end the Escort refused to fire up and they went OTL before tracing the cause to a broken wire. They carried on for fun running near the back of the field and waking up any remaining spectators.


22nd February 2009

News from the AGM...

Approximately £1300 was raised from the two Parklands to Olivers Mount bike rides which took place during 2008. A cheque for £1000 was presented to Pennine Rescue and the balance will go to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

A quiz took place during the evening which saw Simon Porter take his first Club event win.

The Club Championship Awards were also presented for the 2008 season, more details of which will follow in the next Newsletter.
In the meantime (sorry of anyone is missing), Lawrence Dibb won the Under-21's award, Chris 'Pud' Wood the PCT and Autotest awards, the RAC Rally winning crew of Dave Hemingway and Simon Ashton took the top driver and co-driver's awards respectively while the Marshals Championship award was shared between Brian Jaques, Stephen McKinlay & Steven Aveyard.